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Car Accident Claims: Understand the Procedure
Car Accident Claims: Understand the Procedure

Car Accident Claims: Understand the Procedure

Getting Started With A Car Accident Injury Claim

Car accidents, whether minor or major, are often distressing situations for those involved. You are entitled to benefits and/or compensation if you have been hurt. Everyone is entitled to compensation for their injuries, regardless of who is at blame.

We feel that understanding the general legal procedure involved in a vehicle accident injury claim is crucial. If you suspect your insurance company is underpaying you, the first step would be to schedule a consultation with an experienced car accident lawyers. During this visit, you would go through the specifics of the accident in great detail. Details such as the severity of your injuries, how the incident has affected your daily life, and what you’ve discussed with your insurance company should all be included. The major purpose of this session is to assess whether you have a case and to gather all of the information needed to build and execute an effective lawsuit.


The Different Types of Compensation You Might Be Owed

You may be entitled to a variety of types of compensation. Each situation is different, but if you’ve been wounded in a car accident, at least one of the following may apply to you.


Suffering and Pain


This type of compensation, also known as non-pecuniary general damages, aims to pay you for the physical and mental agony you have incurred as a result of the accident.


Economic Setbacks

Simply defined, this takes into consideration any economic losses you have endured in the past, present, and future. One example would be the loss of your salary if you are unable to work.


Housekeeping Loss Compensation

This is to compensate you if you are no longer able to maintain or clean your household to the same quality that you used to and must rely on others to do so.


Future Health-Care Costs

These cover any future medical and support expenditures that you may incur that are not covered by your insurance, such as continued rehabilitation.


Special Penalties

This functions as a catch-all for any other costs that you are burdened with as a result of your injuries and that your insurance will not cover.


Damages under the Family Law Act

Damages under the Family Law Act are meant to compensate your family members for any impaired relationships as a result of your injuries.